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foto sexy Ngentot Tante Ida

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I was on vacation in Bandung city, staying at home mama Om my youngest brother. They had seven brothers and my mama is the oldest, I was 20 years old and 35-year-old omku. My wife's uncle, aunt Ida age 27 years, a very beautiful person and has a tiny but solid body. Bebar butt plump with waist-right The slim and flat stomach, they are advised not to have children, even if already married almost three years.

I was on vacation in Bandung city, staying at home my uncle mama sister smallest. They had 7 siblings
and my mama is the oldest, I was 20 years old and omku 35 years old. My wife's uncle, aunt Ida old
27 years, the people are very beautiful and has a body that Small but solid. Real plump ass bebar with
a slim waist and flat stomach, knowing their not yet have children, even if already married almost 3 years.  But the aunt Ida beautiful, the people are very bitchy, she did not look at the eyes of my family, we understand only mediocre, while Aunt Ida came from a very wealthy family in the city of Surabaya, he was only 2 Ida's brothers and sister who were 22 years, was still studying at ITB and stay at home and om aunt Ida in Bandung. As long as I was at home my uncle, almost every day aunt Ida complaining, because she is very hate if I stay at home to them. Besides I did including a recalcitrant child, even if the posture of the body, I've looked very grown up, because my body height 175 cm with a muscular body, just suspicious aunt Ida and assume I often receive money from my uncle, on very rare thing my uncle gave me money.
Right now I'm staying in their homes, in fact only forced it, because I was on vacation in Bandung and
my mom told my uncle that forced me stay at home. Today, somehow I feel too late really alone, yesterday afternoon before my uncle home from work, Aunt Ida got angry and showed scowl on my face. At that time the house is in state of quiet, om was gone moved to, Mbak Ani's brother Aunt Ida was away in college, Bik Suti again went to market, and aunt Ida he would go to social gathering. Last before leaving with a half-tone snapped, aunt Ida told me to keep house. "From the BT itself, mending watch BF wrote in the rooms," I thought.  I turned the TV started, I took that yesterday's porn CDs I borrowed persewahan place near the house, scenes heat visible on the screen. Hearing the sigh-sigh artist BF beautiful and voluptuous makes me horny. With a lively arm and disarm the CD of my pants
own. Bird which had been held up upright kukocok slowly. The film I saw was pretty hot, so I became increasingly excited. Kutanggalkan clothes that are still attached, eventually my body without any cover though. Shake my hand faster and faster along with the heat of the scenes I saw. I felt there vibration in my cock that wants meyeruak out. I want orgasm, all of a sudden ... "Anton .. what are you doing! "shouted a voice I know. "Ooooohh ... Auntie ...?!" I was shocked and very so confused at that time. I did not expect that aunt Ida he would go gathering could return so quickly. Without I got up and realized I approach the aunt Ida beautiful but haughty, which still stands in a state surprised with the wide-eyed look at how I was doing that naked with my cock a long and large in a tense situation. Suddenly the devil knows what push me, I instinctively lunge and Ida's aunt held the tiny body was solid. Her body Small, only to shoulder height of My, my bekap with a strong and pulled slightly upward, so aunt Ida stood with his fingertips alone with her legs above her head slightly tertengadah, in shock. With a quick kiss and lip kulumat thin is sexy. "Eeeehhhh ... ppppffffff ...! Aunt Ida's body instantly stiffened and slightly stretched to receive treatment he never I would have thought would have dared to do it and a moment later he began rebel with a great, so kissing me off .... "Anton .. do not be rude .. dare to correct you this .. remember, Toonnn .. I am the wife of your uncle ...! Quick release ... later kulaporkan you to your uncle ... "cried Aunt Ida with fierce sound tries to threaten me. I no longer care, one aunt Ida own hell, man orgasm really want to be disturbed. With buasnya I lick behind the ears and neck, both breasts though not very big, but it is solid straight kuramas-ramas with predatory, until the screaming-aunt Ida screamed. Beside my soul that it was already crazy,
There is also a sense of revenge and willing to teach indigenous
him for treatment and his views are very
insulting to me.
She tried to scream, but quickly I soon
kissed her again. There are times the 10 minutes I do that,
while the aunt Ida continued to struggle, and threatened me
and scold, whatever it was saying, I
memperdulikannya no longer. I kept attacking
with savage and stroked and squeezed all-ramas
his body as he continued to kiss her mouth hungrily. He
can not escape from my arms, because it
my body is 175 cm tall with an athletic body and
muscular, not comparable with the 155 body aunt Ida
cm and tiny.
Due to a barrage seranganku that, over time
I feel no more resistance from Aunt Ida, whether
because he was tired or maybe he started to become aroused
as well. Feeling there is no more resistance from auntie
Ida, my cock long and in great
tense that I rub on her belly-rub and then
I picked up a tiny hand and kuelus pet into my cock,
I rub her tiny hand-rubbing, beating my cock which
began to harden. His body was stiffened, but
his eyes still closed, and no resistance
from him.
Then when I opened my shirt slowly aunt Ida,
he feebly still trying to hold my hand, will
but my hand one second locking arms and
the other hand to open one after the other buttons
her blouse, and slowly exposing the beauty
body beneath the cloth. After successfully opening the blouse
and her bra, kissing kuturunkan toward breast tante
Ida a solid containing ...
"Tooonnnn ... aaammmpuunn ... Toonnnnn ... IIII .. iiingaaattttt ..
Tooonnn ..!!!"
I kissed her nipples and the brownish color kulumat
it. Sometimes I bit and kupuntir nipples, while
kusingkap skirt and my fingers began stroking
his cock is still covered CD.
"Iiiiiiiiii ... .. ... .. aaaagggghh ooohhhhhhh
hhhhh ... ... .. ... ... .. Toooonnnnn ssssshhhhhhh ... ...! Due !!!!"
perlakuanku that,
I think Aunt Ida started to become aroused as well, it seemed from
stiffened rigid and increasingly audible grunt breathing
strong. I'm getting
intensify seranganku and suddenly Aunt Ida's body
vibrate with
strong and ... ... ..
"Aaaahhhhhh Toooonnnn .. ... .. jaaa jaaa
angaaannn .... Tooonnnn ... ... IIII ... ngaaaatttt Tooo .. nnn ...
oooohhhhhhh ... ... ... ... ... aaaaggghhh aaaaaggggghhh
. Aaaaggggggggghhhhh ... !!!!!"
finally, accompanied by her convulse and
squirming strong,
and both hands clutching my back .... Seerrr ..
fluid femininity
his aunt Ida CD all moistened fingers.
After the orgasm passed, the body feels aunt Ida
limp limp in my arms and both his eyes still
closed meeting, whether what he was feeling vibrant
in his body, satisfied, shame or despair due
perlakuanku against her, so she reaches orgasm
it. Pull his breathing was still breathing hard.
We were silent for a moment, while the body rests aunt Ida
limp in my arms with his eyes. Tapering fingers aunt
Ida was still holding my cock which was still upright point upward.
Finally, slowly head aunt Ida
looked up and seen his eyes that
wistful look at me, so add to the beauty of his face and
Gently heard his voice ...
"Oooohhhh .... Toonnnn, what did you do on tantemu
This ... ... .?????"
"... Forgive Anton Eeeehhmmm aunt .... Anton forget myself .... Abis
aunt was in.
suddenly while Anton will reach a climax .... wrong tante
sihhh ... .... after all ... very beautiful aunt sihhh ... ..!!!!!!"
I replied looking
sekenanya reasons.
Now I think Aunt Ida had resigned and said,
arms still
holding my cock he said again ..
"Tooonnnn ... .. you have a very big yaaaa ... ????. Got your Om
not until
This segede ..!!"
"Aaahhhhh, aunt ... what betull ... ?????!" is my penis
length 20
cm and also big with a big round head,
especially if more
very passionate way.
Tapering fingers aunt Ida who was only holding
only, are now beginning
play my dick with spoiled. Like get a toy
new hand
Ida's aunt did not want to escape from there.
"Taaannnnn ...., Really diiiii DII ... ... .. aja diamine, whipped dong,
Taannn .... let
enaaakkk ... .!!!!"
"Ton, Ton .. you trigger lust aja .... aaaaggghhh ... .!!!",
second slowly
Aunt Ida's hand pressed his shoulder, so that the body of Ida's aunt
squatting and
a moment later his head was level with
selangkanganku. Second
right hand holding my cock and then auntie
Ida started
lick my cock head with her tongue. Vibrate
my whole body
receive stimuli from the mouth aunt Ida. Licked
all bar
groin, starting from the base to tip. No
missing from the sweep of his tongue.
Dikocoknya my cock inside her mouth, but not all
can enter.
Maybe only 3 / 4 its course that can get into your mouth
aunt Ida. I felt
Aunt Ida's throat wall to touch the head of my cock.
What a thrill
extraordinary spread throughout my body. Long enough
also aunt Ida
suck my cock. I felt my cock begin to swell stem
and more
hardened. From inside I felt something was forcing
to exit.
Feel I will be out, the sooner shake aunt Ida
stem groin.
"Taaannnnn aohh .. .. ah .. taaannn .. Anton mo
out, ... .... aaauuugghhhh ... .. taaannnn ..!!!!!!!"
Finally .. Croott croottt .. .. .. croott Nearly ten times
gushed from the tip of my cock. Drank water maniku
with, dijilatinya
all, until no more liquid left. Although
already out
but still, my cock is still strong, despite modest
Looking at it, kiss-kiss aunt Ida and my cock head
until clean.
Then I pulled up the body's aunt Ida and pushed into
so aunt Ida supine on the bed. With
quick kulucuti
skirt all his CDs, so now aunt Ida
above supine
bed with her small but crowded
is in
naked state. Just looked at my Aunt Ida
with a view
the wistful and looked resigned.
I went up to bed and her legs kupentang
wide and
I crouched between her thighs that terpentang
open wide
which has slippery cock, ready to be broken.
I held my cock shaft and rub-rub along the lip
while I pressed, press slowly. Feeling the friction-friction
soft cunt
aunt Ida, my cock began to harden again. My take
Aunt Ida's hand and
I put on my cock shaft, immediately digengamnya
cock and
directed to the cock pit. With little movement
pressure, head
my cock slowly started to go a half into the hole
Pubic aunt Ida.
Feels the hole is very narrow pubic Aunt Ida
gripping rod
groin. Pubic wall wraps aunt
stem groin,
I pressed again and Aunt Ida's body writhing ...
"Oooooohhhhhh ... Toooonnnn ... bee .. beeeesaaarrrr
AAAAA .. maaaattttt .. pe .. laaan peeelaaan ... pee ...
Tooooonnnnn ... ooooohhhhh ..!!!!!" moaning aunt Ida
By slowly and carefully I pushed the rod groin
increasingly in the ... continue ... continue .... ooohhhhhh ... eeeenna aaak ...
benaaarrrr ... felt strong pinching pubic wall tante
Ida is clamped tightly stem groin.
My feelings seemed hovering stricken pleasure
terlukisakan not this ... ..
"Taaaaannnnn ... ... ... .. EEEE ooohhhhhh euuuuunnaaaakkkkkkkk ...
taannnnn ... .!!!!"
With both the terkangkang thighs wide and the second
hands holding on to my waist, aunt Ida looked
me with wistful eyes, looks very beautiful and
captivating, so I'm relying on them
feelings felt craze, saw and felt the woman
ayu the body beautiful and petite but this solid,
submissive supine underneath, receiving all
Kugerakan slowly pressed my hips down,
so that my cock
kelobang increasingly immersed in his cock, in ... ..
in ... .. continued ... ...
continued ... .. daannnn ... .. .... Then ... ... end of my penis head
feels stuck,
because several times the body's aunt Ida convulse when I
pressed more strongly, I then began to pull out and
pumping out.
I eagerly started up and drop off my body.
Movement up and down
sometimes interspersed with a circular motion, really
incredible sensation. Moreover, the position of the thighs
Aunt Ida
terkangkang wide, make a stab-tikamanku feels
deep inside
the basis of his cock hole. I can see the breast
Aunt Ida
upward moving down every time I press
enter my cock
deep so that both our crotch coincide
Then I felt the muscles of the pubic aunt Ida with
strong suck
my cock. The longer I think the stronger the course pubic
aunt Ida clamp my cock. I saw Aunt Ida's face
hold orgasm blush seem increasingly to be both
washed over a minute.
"Aaaaaaddduuuuuhhhhh .... Toooonnn .. Aaaagggghhhhhh ..
Oouggg ..
Hhaa Hhaa .. ... ... teeeee taaannnn Toooonn ... ... maaa .... Maaauuuu ... keee ...
keeeeluaraarrrr again, Toonnnnn ... !!!!!!!."
And ... .. Seeeeerrrr ... .. I felt the warm liquid wetting
my cock.
While my soul is highly peaked demand
resolution, I can no longer act
smooth, without much talk, my ass soon kupompa
quickly and aggressively, got a rather attack
rough and sudden screaming aunt Ida
pain. Although the holes were wet pussy aunt Ida
and very slippery, but still feels sluggish to
my dick size large.
No longer kuhiraukan aunt Ida voice screaming
pain, which
there is that moment my mind was that I wanted immediately
end game
this and feel the blessings that will come to me.
I feel my muscles
my cock began to throb with severity, there
trying to get out of my cock shaft. I tried to
as long as possible so as not to get out, but tongs
pubic wall
aunt Ida eventually undermine pertahananku.
"Aaaaaauuddddduuhhhh ... taaannnnnn ... teeeee ...
oooooohhhhh ... ..!!!!" full length pleasure complaint
out of my mouth accompanied by
... Croott .. croott .... croooootttt .... a blast .. maniku
spraying with a strong,
filling the recesses of the deepest hole pubic aunt Ida,
menidih my body limp body lying face mungi aunt Ida,
kuubiarkan my cock still inside the pubic aunt Ida for
orgasmeku remnants. I feel my aunt Ida permanent pubic
berdenyur-beats, although not as strong as earlier.
"Taannnn, thank you yes, because I'm going temenin Anton
.!!!!" play I say spoiled.
"You, tuh, Ton, if more passions do not play forcing dong,
tantemu own cooking as well ... you rape ..!!!!"
"Iiihhhhh ... ... .. but auntie auntie happy too .... Kaannnn ... ..????
"Yeah .. siiihhh ... .!!!!!" aunt Ida said shyly.
Since then the attitude toward me changed a hundred Aunt Ida
percent, even if our attitude is to stay awake in front om
aunt and sister Ida. Me and Aunt Ida is often associated
sex with the if house again deserted. I increasingly feel
Just to Aunt Ida's affection, let alone aunt Ida
serve my sexual desires willingly and wholeheartedly.

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