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Foto Mandi Seksi Aida Saskia - Selingkuhan Zainuddin MZ

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Aida Saskia was born in Bogor, West Java, July 6, 1985. Teens go through as a student SMP 1 Mega Overcast, Cisarua, Bogor. Foto Mandi Aida Saskia on internet make she frustated. He then went on to SMA Foundation Zaelani Al Mansour, in Cisarua, and often through the activities as a dangdut singer. Aida Saskia name does not sound too long, but after her 25-year-old, his name began to be highlighted because of its recognition of the relationship were established with the love that got famous preacher Zainuddin MZ.
The scandal about the issues affair KH. Zainuddin MZ with dangdut singer continue to roll, nowAida Saskia. Aida Saskia admitted that he had been raped by Zainuddin MZ when it was 16 years old. Aida Saskia continues to speak through the media, but on the other hand Zainuddin MZ seem isolated, so far the news that emerged was based on the version of Aida Saskia. Here is a chronological reviews Zainuddin MZ rape committed against Aida Saskia version based on the recognition or Saskia!

Aida its legal counsel, Alamsyah Hanafiah, invited reporters to a villa in the Peak area, Cisarua, Bogor on Sunday, October 10th afternoon. There, Aida claimed to have raped Zainuddin.
When met reporters at the Grand Hyatt, Jalan MH Thamrin, Jakarta evening, Aida chronological expose embarrassing events in his life was. When events, Aida was 16 years old. At that time, Zainuddin him stop by the villa which is located next to Restaurant (RM) Mirasari, Peak area, Cisarua, Bogor.

Before finally willing to eat, Aida and Zainuddin was already known close. Zainuddin had often to the house and know parents Aida. Because Zainuddin sure that a kiai, parents entrust their daughter taken out by Zainuddin.
“He’s permission to papa wanted to eat alone with me. Papa assorted baseball thinkers because he Zainuddin MZ. On a day upon arrival at the RM Mirasari, he said he would check first. He said full. He said ‘We are messages that cottage (villa ) and we ate at RM Mirasari message ‘. I said to Mr. Haji’ Nah afraid to even be defamatory. “He said, ‘Nah’s okay’,” beber Aida.

Because Zainuddin not sure one would do anything, Aida matched by his nose like a water buffalo.
“Without thinking things, we finally entered the cottage was. There is a living room, dining table and bedroom and bathroom. Once the food arrived, he said he wanted a shower. He yelled from the bathroom, towels taken out for help. I get with a position behind the body, “he explained.

Bath scenes in soap operas, Aida Saskia providing towels to Zainuddin from behind the door, suddenly pushed by Zainuddin to fall onto the mattress. Moreover, the position of the bathroom is a room by room.
“Yes, that’s where I was pushed onto the bed. There happened things I did not want. That’s why I say this relationship is of necessity,” said Aida sobbed.

According to Alam, Aida has harbored nine years after the events of rape trauma. Dared to expose this case to the public, Aida has prepared a number of proof.
“Earlier we survey the scene (the scene), the villa was still intact and the guard is still there. The guard confirmed that Zainuddin had asked Aida to it. Incidentally guard Aida neighbors also,” said Alam.

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